In my last few blogs, I kept going reiterating the term “values”, so I decided this week to talk more about what that means by using an example of my drawing, Goat Island Light. While I am known for my watercolors paintings, pencil drawings actually happen to be my favorite. I don’t know why, but […]

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Less Is More

Ever since I began teaching, I get a lot of students who want to paint the beach and seagrass, so I feel it’s time to have a chat about both of those. Painting a beach scene can seem like a simple painting, but you would be surprised at how difficult it can be to choose

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Keeping It Simple!

A lot of times an artist can overcomplicate their approach to a painting, which then results in an overcomplicated painting. As an artist, I’m guilty of this too. So this week I want to talk about keeping it simple. Using my new painting, Nubble Winter, as a reference to keeping it simple, let’s get to

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Watercolor Basics II

Brushes are an important tool for your success. There are a lot of types of brushes offered for painting watercolors, which can be confusing; let me be of help. Let’s start with synthetic brushes, which typically are the most affordable, tend to keep a full spring (the brush holds together and does not splay when applied

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Watercolor Basics

I started teaching watercolor painting classes this past week and it has brought back some basics… Just like anything in life, in order to have a solid painting, you need to have a solid foundation. To start, there are 3 basic types of paper: hot press, cold press, and rough. When I first started, I only

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Time to Paint!!

For me, winter is when the gallery is closed for a few months and it’s time to work on calendar paintings and commission jobs. Also, my mind goes full speed with ideas for the gallery’s upcoming season, i.e. what is needed, what would be a good fit, etc. There’s a lot to think about! But!

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