Let’s Talk Light

Let’s talk about light this week and how it plays an important role in a painting. I’m going to use my painting On the Mooring as a reference, as I love how the early morning light played an important role in the success of the painting. There are a few elements that make a painting

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In my last few blogs, I kept going reiterating the term “values”, so I decided this week to talk more about what that means by using an example of my drawing, Goat Island Light. While I am known for my watercolors paintings, pencil drawings actually happen to be my favorite. I don’t know why, but

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Less Is More

Ever since I began teaching, I get a lot of students who want to paint the beach and seagrass, so I feel it’s time to have a chat about both of those. Painting a beach scene can seem like a simple painting, but you would be surprised at how difficult it can be to choose

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Keeping It Simple!

A lot of times an artist can overcomplicate their approach to a painting, which then results in an overcomplicated painting. As an artist, I’m guilty of this too. So this week I want to talk about keeping it simple. Using my new painting, Nubble Winter, as a reference to keeping it simple, let’s get to

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