Meet the Makers: Deb Bodwell

Happy Summer!!!

I am sorry I have been M.I.A. for a bit. As summer gears up, I get very busy with the store, finishing my calendar, and commission work. But enough about me, the store has so many new items that I want to share, so I will get going on that.

Last time I spoke about Colley Hill Candles, now I would like introduce one of my 5 featured potters, Deb Bodwell. Deb is a bit of a jack of all trades. She just retired from having a hair styling business in North Berwick (where she lives) and now does pottery full-time. I have been showcasing Deb’s work for over 6 years and she makes some pretty cool pieces that tend to be popular with shoppers. In addition to pottery pieces such as whales, heart dishes, and garden stakes, she also makes wooden signs with pottery pieces and boxes made from paper, as well as framed pottery too. 

Next time you are in the store be sure to check out her work. She doesn’t have a website but as soon as the season settles down around here, I hope to have her work on my website (stay tuned!)

Return soon to the blog, as I hope to talk about another one of my potters or maybe a new artist I just got in the store next. They create some amazing framed pieces with sea glass. We shall see what I decide on as there are a lot of fun things happening in the store right now, which means so much to share.


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