Meet the Makers: Colley Hill Candles

For the past few months I have been talking about my own art, but now that the shop/gallery is in full swing for the season I wanted to introduce you to some of the other artists and makers who we carry in-store and online.

This week I  introduce you to Colley Hill Candles. I met Tonya probably 10 years ago at the New England Products Show and fell in love with her soy candles. The candles burn very clean and are great for our environment. She also has so many scents to choose from, unfortunately more than I have room for in-store, but I am happy to say we do carry 27 different scents, some of which are seasonal. My personal favorite and probably the most popular is White Tea, fragrant but not heavy in the scent with “an exotic blend that contains notes of jasmine, patchouli, cedar wood, musk and fresh melon” – Colley Hill’s Best Seller for over 15 years!

Why I love Colley Hill Candles:
  • 100% natural, environmentally friendly, soy, and hand-poured.
  • Colley Hill crafts their wax from American farm-grown soybeans.
  • Soy wax is a renewable resource, biodegradable, as well as soap and water-soluble.
  • Soy candles, unlike traditional paraffin candles, are free from harmful toxins and carcinogens.
  • Traditional candles are often made for paraffin wax, which releases toxins and carcinogens when burnt; soy wax, by contrast, does not release these chemicals.
  • Soy candles release scent more easily than paraffin candles, burn longer, and are soot-free if you trim the wick before each use.

You can shop our full list of Colly Hill candles here.

Happy shopping!
~ Wendy

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