Happy Winter

A lot of people don’t like painting in the winter or even like winter, but did you know some of the best paintings are winter scenes? They are simple but simple can be dramatic and beautiful. I personally like to play a color game and if you follow my blogs you might find that I will be playing this game a lot.

Here is a simple barn in the winter, how many colors do you see? I’m waiting…Ok, I see blue, brown, green, red, and a few more colors. Let’s focus on the rocks, they aren’t just brown. Rocks are so many colors. Remember very rarely does one object have one color. Life is full of color. Walk around your house and really look and study the wood on a table, a brick on a fireplace, or the fur on a dog and let yourself see all the colors that make up an object. The more you do this game the more you develop the color cones in your eyes and you begin to see colors you never noticed before. Color comes and turns light into three separate signals; red, green, and blue. The signals are then sent to the brain to be processed into what you are seeing. Winter is a great time to do this as the contrast is very strong against the white snow. Colors become more dramatic.

I challenge you to play the color game and see what colors you find today.

Don’t worry, we will play the game again and talk more about color. A lot of people think winter is drab and blah but it really is quite beautiful if you let yourself see the color.


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