Hanging Art, the 411

Here we are, 2022, and still in a pandemic. By now you probably have made adjustments to your living space for an office or a redecorated room or two. Well, I have as well and have a few professional tips and tricks.

First, changing your art around is actually the cheapest way to decorate. Just simply taking all your art off the walls and moving your paintings, photos, etc. to different rooms will give you a fresh look. This trick works great in my shop when I get stuck on how to refresh a display. I take everything off the space I’m working on start fresh and then I am very happy with the new look.

Sometimes we have a hard time taking on such a task as it might be overwhelming. I often get customers who say they have nothing on the walls due to being afraid of putting a nail in the wall. I say, just do it! Find the space you want to tackle, pick the artwork, photo, or framed piece you want to hang. Remember, eye level (you don’t want to be looking up to see your piece of art), deep breath, and nail that hook in the wall. You did it! If by chance it’s too far to one side, too high, or even too low, don’t worry, a touch of spackle to fill the first hole will make that go away instantly and reset where you want to hang your picture.

Here are examples of hanging, a nice big picture over the bed with a couple of small ones on the adjacent wall.
This example shows how lost a small picture looks on a big wall
Here’s a great trick if you’re afraid of just randomly hanging pictures, cut some paper the size of your pictures and tape it to the wall to see how it’s filling your space. This is a great idea for when you’re trying to group pictures too.

Tomorrow promises to be a great snow day in the North and cold in the South so it’s a good day to play around with hanging art on your walls. 

I have faith in you, you got this!

– Wendy

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