Prelude in Kennebunkport

The first weekend of Prelude in Kennebunkport is in the books! The town and people were all in a very festive mood. The store was decorated and ready for the season and the little ornaments were in such demand it was out of control haha!

Here we are with the final weekend of Prelude, what to expect?

At this time of year I think more like a business woman and a little less like an artist. In my job I wear a lot of hats, artist, framer, business woman and boss. I often get asked if I get tired of my job, my answer is no because I just switch hats when I need a break. Today I would love to be painting but it’s the business woman hat today. The store will be busy and there is still a lot of work in the store to be done even with the end of the season fast approaching. After I finish at the store today, it’s off to the frame shop to tackle orders. We are working day and night to try to get everyone order out ASAP. So with that I tend to do a lot of reflecting: did we meet our goals, what can we do different in the little store, what worked what didn’t and the questions go on and on.

These moments are brief though as work is piling up so with that, I gotta get back to work lol. Have a great weekend!

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