Gift bag with mug, honey and tea towel


Product Description

We’ve made shopping easy for you this Holiday season! We’ve combined some of our most popular items packaged into a simple gift bag so you only have to make one purchase.
The Oasis Healing Touch tankard mug holds just the right amount of coffee or tea to kick start your day. Each mug comes with a healing stone on the handle that are meant to help heal your body and mind and keep you well.
They say local bees make the sweetest honey and we can attest to that! This spring blend of honey from Fun Wreckers Farm in Kennebunkport has a sweet and crisp taste with floral notes that really give the honey character.
The tea towel is a great addition to this bag, especially if the person receiving it has a love for all things nautical. Buoys are a staple in a lobstering community and we like to incorporate them in any way possible. The towels are 100% cotton, designed by Wendy and are embroidered right here in Maine.
The gift bag also includes a “Christmas Prelude” note card so you don’t have to worry about finding a card.